About JCA

          JCA Resources, Inc. is a real estate development, international trade and marketing company founded in 1994. Serving Japan, China and the Americas, JCA’s principals have earned a reputation for successfully creating international partnerships for the development of small and high-rise offices, commercial, retail, import, export and variety of projects in Southern California.  

In 2001, JCA broadened its Board of Advisors in trade, marketing, agri-business, environmental infrastructure, and port development in the U.S., México, South America, Canada, Japan, China, and throughout the Pacific Rim. JCA’s experience in real estate development, strong international business network and multiple business affiliations have positioned JCA well in competing for business in the U.S. and abroad. JCA offers a team of professionals from many disciplines positioning its clients to meet the needs of their growing markets. Quickly interpreted information, well developed and managed development projects and focused product marketing serves clients with key positioning and successful solutions. JCA’s goal is to always give its customer the ‘complete solution.’

               j c a   i s  c o m m i t t e d   t o 

When working with clients, whether on a real estate development project, or trade related business, JCA is committed to: 

     •• providing its clients with complete solutions in building and structure design and costs appropriate to the site and its use. 

     •• providing focused, quality marketing and cost effective planning that produces positive bottom line results.  Consistent with this vision and committed to a belief there are no real “boundaries” in the world of business; JCA structures viable partnerships and successfully collaborates with its clients.           

     ••  providing clients full service real estate and trade development opportunities ensuring quality products presented at fair prices, delivered on time. Understanding each country's business and culture, and managing the establishment of strong, "global business partnerships” between participants is a key talent JCA Resources delivers.

s e r v i c e    a r e a s

JCA Resources, Inc. provides specialized services in the following areas: 

  • Build-to-suit and speculative real estate developments

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) U.S. Green Building Council development experience

  • Logistics support

  • Contract development and negotiating

  • Attracting and structuring project financing

  • Design/build development

  • Site selection and acquisition

  • Land entitlement, master planning and permitting  

  • Value-added acquisitions

  • Asset and investment management

  • Financial management

  • Environmental projects / planning / development

  • Trade development –  Importing / Exporting

  • Marketing and communications consulting

  • Port development, operations and marketing

  • Representation and brokerage of products/events to and from the US “mainstream” and Latino markets

  • Design, development, marketing and production of program collateral materia

                                e x p e r i e n c e              

JCA Resources and its Board of Advisors have accumulated more than 150 combined years of experience in various disciplines:  

•• Over 40 years in real estate development, financing, syndication, acquisition, disposition, leasing, entitlement processing and construction management has brought forth more than $2.0 billion in real estate development projects.  These include hotel and office building development, retail shopping centers; residential, senior citizen and affordable housing; public and private mixed-use development projects.

••   Over 40 years of experience in trade development, international public relations and marketing in both the project development and international trade arenas.

•• Over 40 years of experience in the wastewater management, environmental construction, transportation and infrastructure industries in California and México

•• Over 30 years of experience in marketing, and communications for project development, leasing, project/product marketing, community relations, public relations and public affairs as it applies to public/private partnerships.

JCA Resources is building for the future. Clients who wish to gain an edge in the global market will benefit by teaming with JCA Resources in developing their business direction for the future.



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