Project Experience

r e a l   e s t a t e   d e v e lo p m e n t   
      •• $1.3 billon of successfully completed commercial/office       
      •• $250 million of retail developments
      •• $350 million of residential developments
      •• $375 million of private – public partnership developments
         (with cities, ports, foreign countries/governments and states)

                         COMMERCIAL OFFICE DEVELOPMENTS 

BP Carson Campus

City of Carson, California
15 acre, $30 million, 126,000 square feet
4 story – Office building and campus
(to be a LEED certified building)
Steel frame, concrete shear wall construction
Office, credit union, cafι, other refinery unit uses
Scheduled for completion in third quarter 2006

Long Beach World Trade Center

$190 million in cost, 27stories, approximately 600,000 square feet; Office, retail, restaurant and  other related uses;
Build and completed in 1988


100 Broadway Office buildings

Located in downtown Long Beach; Approximately 200,000 square feet comprised of 6 stories;
Office, retail and restaurant use; Completed in 1987;  Approximate cost of $60 million.


Garden Grove Plaza

Located in Garden Grove,
Orange County, CA;
Approximately 100,000 square feet comprised of 5 stories;Office and retail use; Completed in 1986; Approximate cost of $20 million.


Long Beach Blvd. Office

Located in north Long Beach;
Approximately 100,000 square feet comprised of 5 stories; Office use; Completed in 1988; Approximate cost of $18 million.



Circle Business Centers

Located in Long Beach (Ximeno and Pacific Coast Highway); Approximately 200,000 square feet in two office buildings; Office and retail use; Completed in 1987 and 1989, respectively. Approximate cost of $55 million.


Downtown Plaza Office Building

Located in downtown Long Beach
(Long Beach Blvd. and Ocean Blvd.); Approximately 100,000 square feet comprised of 5 stories; Office and bank use; Completed in 1983; Approximate cost of $15 million.



4501 Atlantic Blvd. Office building –

  • Located in north Long Beach (San Antonio and Atlantic Blvd.);

  • Approximately 60,000 square feet comprised of 4 stories;

  • Office use;

  • Completed in 1982;

  • Approximate cost of $15 million 

Park Tower Office Building –

  • Located in Long Beach (Pacific Coast Hway & Anaheim Street);

  • Approximately 110,000 square feet comprised of 7 stories;     

  • Office and bank retail use;

  • Completed in 1982;

  • Approximate cost of $16 million 

Retail Developments –

  • Westminster Shopping Center

  • Located in Westminster, Orange County, CA (Golden Avenue and Westminster Blvd);

  • Approximately 500,000 square feet of “big box tenants, theater complex, restaurants, and other retail tenants;

  • Retail and entertainment use;

  • Completed in 1992;

  • Approximate cost of $80 million. 

Other community and neighborhood retail centers totaling 150,000 square feet in Long Beach and Orange County. 

Apartment and Residential Developments –

  • More than 3,500 units designed and developed in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties;

  • Total cost is estimated to be $450 million;

  • A complete listing can be provided. 

  • Park west apartments (LAX-Lincoln-La Tijera) 440 units

  • Oak Park North & South (Thousand Oaks-Kanan Road) 450 units

  • Hathaway Apartments (Long Beach - Hathaway) 225 Units

  • Meadow Wood Village Apartments (Long Beach-Ximeno) 220 units

  • Villa Redondo (Long Beach) 125 units

Hotels, and other Mixed Use Developments –

  • Long Beach Hilton Hotel –
    •• Located in downtown Long Beach (1701 Ocean Blvd);
    •• Approximately 400 rooms and 15 floors;
    •• Completed in 1992;
    •• Approximate cost is $75 million

  • Bally Health Spa Center –
    •• Located in Long Beach (Ximeno and PCH);
    •• Approximately 70,000 square feet and 3 floors;
    •• Completed in 1987;
    •• Approximate cost is $14 million.

m  a  r  k  e  t   i  n  g

An integral part of international trade, real estate development and environmental planning includes a professional approach to marketing and communication. Understanding a clients targets and public’s served is a must.  

JCA Resources senior management experience carries with it over 30 years of corporate marketing, community relations and public affairs management. This experience assists JCA in designing specific programs for each project and client served. The ability to manage the communication segment of JCA’s business enables JCA to further focus client goals and objectives throughout each project as it moves forward. Projecting the correct image and direction for JCA clients’ is a professional touch that gives JCA an edge. JCA has successfully produced marketing programs in the following areas: 

·  Real Estate development promotion and leasing

·       Corporate image development

·        Port communications planning and program development

·    City redevelopment marketing and public affairs programs

·        Non-profit and charitable management and program promotion




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